Hello all Snakers! This is the new snakeboard page for introducing snakeboard to all potential snakers in Scandinavia!
Welcome to snakeboard.no!
Here you can find out all that you need to know about snakeboards. How it was invented, what kinds of boards can you purchase, pictures, guestbook, linkes, downloads, etc. If you have qfurther questions. please not hesitate to take contact with us, and we will give you an answer as soon as possible. Please give us feedback about what you think!

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What is a snakeboard:
-It is some kind of skateboard, but the difference is that the board is equipped with a bar that enable you to twist your legs outwards or inwards together with the wheels so that it is possible to move forward without touching the ground.
-The principle is as follows: The forward movement is achieved by turning the upper body towards the right or to the left at the same time as you toe in or out on the board. It is almost the same way a snake moves.
-One other advantage with snakeboard before other boards is that you do not require a hill or a big space to learn it
-Snakeboard equipped with bindings are very well suited to "dryland-practice" snowboard and surfboard. It gives the same board- feeling and it can be used in halfpipe, on jumps, on the street and even slalom. NB! Wear protection! (helmet, knee and elbow protection, etc.)

How to get a Snakeboard:
If you want to order a snakeboard, bindings for snakeboard or maybe you know someone that wants to buy one, there are a few ways:
1. Fill in the form: bestilling on this site;

2. Send an e-mail to odd.gynter.olsen@gmail.com;
3. See us in Jacob Langesvei 14; Kongsberg, Norway;
4. Phone (+47) 32735819 (after 17:00 hrs) and we will help you.


Skinner is a excellent board with damping ad possibilities for bindings. Well suited for both newcomers and the more experienced riders.

Stiffy is believed to be the best existing snakeboard available in the market today. with damping ad possibilities for bindings.

Sydewynder is excellent for those that want to try snakeboarding or just learn to snake. It is a lightweight board with no possibilities for bindings, however great fun for street riding.
Frontal Supermodel bindings
Bindings is almost a must if you want to ride a bit extreme;  jumps, tricks, halfpipe etc. or to use the board as snowboard-practicing.


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