What is a snakeboard,and how does it work?

It looks quite easy to use at first site, however some exercise is needed to get started.

The first thing one discovers after stepping on to the board is that it is not as easy as one think, even if you have seen someone ride the board and you understand the principle behind it. It requires some concentration and patience and not to give up the first few times. Half an hour makes a difference and after that it becomes more and more fun even for adults..

One positive thing with Snakeboard, compared to other boards, is that you do not require a big space to practice. It is an advantage with a clean and smooth surface, for instance a garage-floor.

The Principle is as follows: You establish speed by twisting your upper body/arms to the right or to the left at the same time as you toe in or out while standing on the board. About the same way that a snake moves, "Snakeboard".


To Snakeboard remind a lot about Snowboard (at least after the first elementary steps are dealt with, i.e the forward movement) In Europe and other places in the world, the snowboard pro's uses this as no-snow practice board.

After viewing some guys test the board it seems to be a major advantage to have the snowboard background,  I assume this is also valid the other way from Snakeboard to snowboard.

If  the board is used for halfpipe, street boarding or jumping, sliding etc, it is almost a MUST to have bindings and do not forget protection.


It is several ways of learning; here is a couple:

1. Stand on the board with your feet straight over the wheels.

2. Twist your legs inwards and imagine hitting a punching-ball with your hand. You will discover that you move in a half-circle-movement.

3. Twist your legs outwards and strike the other way.

4. Repeat this several times and the board moves forward.

Another way is to stand on the board straight over the wheels and to concentrate on one leg. Try to twist your leg outwards and inwards at the same time as you push your leg forward or backwards. I have seen people use the front foot or the back foot in doing this, either way works.

 A third way:

1. Place your feet outwards on each plate.
2. Toe inwards.
3. Toe outwards
4. Start with your toes inwards and both your arms to one side of the body.
5. Toe outwards and swing your arms towards the direction you want to drive.
6. Toe inwards and swing your arms back to position #4.
7. Repeat the steps #4 to #6 until a fluent forward movement is achieved.

Remember to bend slightly your knees. The upper body and your toes must work together, lean forward when the toes are inwards and back when your toes are outwards .

One of the advantages is to achieve a forward movement without touching the ground.

WARNING: As in all sports a certain risk is involved during snakeboarding. We strongly recommend that proper protection is used during al activities with the Snakeboard. The user is snakeboarding at his own risk and  Snakeboard International Plc., fabricator, all distributors and local salesmen can not be held responsible for damages to persons or equipment by using the Snakeboard.