Snakeboard was invented by James Fisher and Oliver Macleod-Smith that grew up in Johannesburg in South Africa. At the age of 19 years they made the first prototype of Snakeboard out of an old roller-skate, a piece of pipe, two pieces of plywood and various other components

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The first Snakeboard

The two young inventors realised that the performance did not live up to their expectations, but it proved that the invention had its potential.
Further experimenting was required, with different materials, (wood, aluminium, plastic) but the original shape and principle never changed. 
Today the Snakeboard is built for reliability robustness and performance.
Snakeboard contains moulded components made of fibre reinforced nylon known as Zytel ST801, with high wear performance and metal sealed wheel and pivot bearings. As a result, a modern Snakeboard is almost impossible to wear out.

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