This board is produced by Snakeboard, but not currently in stock.

Freestyle-Snakeboard with Snowboard feeling, specially constructed for extreme stunts and Big Airs.

L 81,3cm x W 24cm x H: 9,6cm
Weight: app. 3kg
Bearings: Alu, 8mm
Bar- with 8,2 cm
Plates: 8-lags laminated Graphic- or wooden-Plates
Wheel bearings: ABEC 3, 8mm


spacedeck2.jpg (9855 bytes)

Spacedeck is a complete new design from Snakeboard. It is a relatively low-price board for beginners. 

Recreation board for cruising.
72 x 20cm aerodynamic board
58 x 30mm Polyurethane wheels
608AB Wheel Bearings