My name is Odd Gynter Olsen, I am running a firm called "Alias OGO" started  August 2001 and is located in Kongsberg, Norway.
The purpose of the Firm is to introduce the snakeboardsport to the Norwegian Market

Snakeboard is well known in countries like South Africa, Germany, USA, Australia and England. In Norway or Scandinavia it is relatively unknown, at least until now.

The first time I tried Snakeboard, my experience was that it was too difficult to be fun, but I thought that this is something I SHALL learn. I bought a board and learnt it and have lived happily ever since.....

For your sake I hope that this will catch on in Norway where boardsport is about to set a new standard for Sports; Skateboard, snowboard, wakebard, surfboard, Windsurfboard and now Snakeboard. Boards is showing up in man different versions, and in Norway it is specially Snowboard that has became popular the latest years among all ages.

Snowboard and Snakeboard is very closely related when it comes to behaviour and boardfeeling, because you are (or can be) fixed to the board using bindings and because of the extremely good curve behaviours.

A good advise: Buy Snakeboard now and join the"Snakeboardwave"

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